A Model of Efficiency

United Way of Ohio Valley has a very low fundraising and administrative overhead of 18.9 percent, far lower than the 35 percent recognized by the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance, a national nonprofit “watchdog” group, or the 25 percent recognized by the United States Office of Personnel Management, or the 20 percent recognized by charity examination groups.

  • Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance Recommendation for Charities 35% 35%
  • USA Office of Personnel Management Recommendation for Charities 25% 25%
  • Chairty Navigator’s Highest Four Star Rating Recommendation for Charities 20% 20%
  • United Way of the Ohio Valley 20% 20%

Management and Fundraising Costs Per Dollar

United Way of the Ohio Valley Expenses

(Based Upon 2015 Campaign Results and Audit Presented August 2016)

As is the case for all non-profits, United Way of the Ohio Valley allocates expenses to three categories – (1) management and general, (2) fundraising and (3) program services. This is in accordance with the recommended standards for non-profit accounting. We follow the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ definitions of these categories. Numbers reflect a 3 year average.

  • Overhead 18.97% 18.97%
Management & General Costs – 8.63%
Fundraising Activities – 10.34%
  • Program Services 81% 81%
In-House Community Services – 7.70%
Investments in Network of Human Service Agencies – 73.33%

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