Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I know that my donation is used for the specified charities?

United Way provides its investors with a unique opportunity to make the greatest impact in our community. Local volunteers representing our diverse community serve on community investment panels to determine where and how your investment will be used most effectively. Throughout the year, agency partner programs are closely monitored to ensure funds are used to produce positive, measurable results. In addition, United Way of the Ohio Valley requires agency partners to conduct an annual independent certified financial audit by a Certified Public Accountant to ensure the highest level of accountability and sound financial management.

Where does my donation go? Is it used locally?

99% of your investment stays in our local community to help fund local partner programs. The other 1% is paid to United Way Worldwide for the use of the brand, market research, and training events. United Way of the Ohio Valley maintains a low percentage of administrative expenses of approximately 18.9%.  This adheres to United Way Worldwide standards and compares favorably with local non-profit health and human service organizations.

Why should I give through United Way instead of directly to an agency?

United Way’s economy of scale, in that overhead costs are incurred by the United Way, allows funds to be invested directly into programs that work. United Way incurs those costs so agencies and programs can concentrate on their mission, helping their clients succeed. By cost sharing and collaborations, many times the United Way can raise money more cost effectively than agencies can do on their own.

We all know, no one agency can provide all the services people need to change their overall condition. When agencies come together and work for a common cause, the synergy that takes place can demonstrate amazing results.

United Way gives, advocates and encourages volunteer engagement in all communities. Our connection to issues on a local, state and federal level provide information and influence to effect positive change.

What is the difference between allocating my investment and designating my investment?

When choosing Community Wide Care, you are entrusting volunteers on the United Way Community Investment Committee to make informed recommendations as to how those funds will be distributed among partner agencies for maximum impact in the community.  This committee reviews agency funding applications and financials, evaluates program outcomes, visits agency sites, studies community need and ensures your contributed is invested for greatest effectiveness in meeting those most critical needs.  When designating your investment, you make that decision individually by directing your contributing solely to a specific agency or program.

I currently give to a charity that is not in the United Way of the Ohio Valley are, can I specify that my donation be directed to that charity through United Way?

Yes.  As long as they can be verified by a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization through the IRS website, you can direct your contribution to them by filling out a United Way Out Of Area Designation form.

If I have any problems filling out my donation forms, who can help me?

Your company’s Employee Campaign Manager and/or Campaign Committee should be able to help you complete the pledge form. However, your local United Way staff members are always here to offer assistance as well.  Please give us a call at (270) 684-0668 or submit an inquiry at uwov.org.

Still need help? Give us a call!

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