Community Spelling Bee for Imagination Library of Daviess County

The Daviess County Imagination Library COMMUNITY SPELLING BEE is a unique, exciting event that raises funds and awareness for the Daviess County Imagination Library program while stressing the importance of literacy and education.  Thanks to U.S. Bank our headline sponsor!

Who Competes? Local businesses, corporate teams, government representatives, church groups, bunco teams, book clubs, business associations, non-profit organizations, kids,  …anyone wanting to have fun together, bee competitive, and support local literacy and early learning efforts.
Teams in two categories (youth and adult) will spell their way to victory!

·  Teams made up of at least 3 people and up to 6 people will compete simultaneously against other teams in a virtual environment.  Everyone will gather via Zoom.  An individual team can choose to gather together at one location, if they wish to do so, then join the Zoom meeting as a group.

·  The evening’s announcer will say each pre-determined word for the teams and use the word in a sentence. The announcer then repeats the word one final time.   At this point, teams will each be placed in a Zoom Room, with a volunteer (Worker Bee) in the Zoom Room with them.

·  Each team will consult among themselves to submit their final answer (spelled word) within an allotted amount of time (30 seconds).

·  The Worker Bee will receive their written answer and check it against the announced correct spelling.  If the team spells the word correctly, it remains in the Bee.  If the team fails to spell the word correctly, they are eliminated.   However, the team then has the option to pay $30 to buy back in.  $30 is the cost to provide 1 child with Imagination Library books for one year.

·  During the final round (there will be 3 Official Rounds), one buy-back of $150 is allowed, ONLY if no buy-backs were used in the first two rounds.  See OFFICIAL RULES for complete details.

·  A team may not “buy” its way to win; victory must be earned with a final correct spelling.

The last team remaining in each category after all others have been eliminated is the Champion Bee!

To qualify as a youth team, no one on the team can be older than 8th grade.  The cost to enter a team is $50.  Teams are encouraged to raise funds ahead of the event for “buy backs” so they can stay in the competition.  The team that raises the most money will receive a prize!

The event is finished.


Sep 26 2020


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


$50 per team

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